Make your Blog look Classy - Part 1

Till now my blog was all about Reviews and all. But from now I'm going to help you guys make your blog look better,clean and classy. I did learned CSS while I was in school and after that too till something else came into my interest.
So, I am going to tell you something which we usually forget. This one change will make your look better. So, let's get started:

1. Remove Navbar

Yes, Remove your Navbar. It's of no use, at least for me. I've seen many popular blogs on self hosted platform with blogger navbar. It makes their blog look like they're still on blogger. It's super easy and will take 5 mins maximum. So let's get started.

  • Go to Layout
  • Click on Navbar "Edit"
  • Choose last option which is "OFF"
  • Save
  • Save arrangements

2. Remove Space above Blog Header 

Now that you removed Navbar, you must be thinking about that space above your blog header (See pic). Lets remove it by adding small code in HTML.

  • Go to template
  • Backup your template first
  • Click Edit HTML
  • Search for </Head> by using Ctrl+F
  • Now paste the code above </Head>
<style type= 'text/css'>
Margin-top:-40px !important

It will look like this
  • Preview template before saving it.
  • If Header is too high than decrease value from -40px accordingly and vice versa
  • Now save template.
It's just Part 1. I'll be posting more about Blogging.
Thank you for reading!
If you need help with your blog you can ask me by comment section below or through email too.
I would be pleased to hear from you guys.

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  1. Thanks! BTW I like your blog a lot though I never commented. Lol
    Will do so now. :)