How to remove Powered by Blogger attribution

In this process, I am gonna show you how to remove "Powered by blogger" attribution. It's a very simple process. In blogger, remove option is disabled by default in each and every blogger theme. You just have to make some minor changes in your template and it'll be done. Many people think by removing "Powered by blogger" blogger may delete your blog. It's not true at all. I removed it a year ago and nothing happened. Believe me. Before starting, I suggest you to backup your template in case you make any blunder or you didn't like it.

  1. Go to template
  2. Click Edit HTML
  3. Go to Jump to widget
  4. Select Attribution 1 from drop down menu (Marked in pic)
  5. In the code you see Shadowelement='no'. Replace no wit yes.
  6. Now change locked='true' with false.

     6.Save template
     7.Now go to Layout
     8.Click on Attribution
     9.Click on Remove
    10.Save arrangements
Good luck

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